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Romain, play is unusable with maven. Is it fine if the webserver is in a
seperate project or do you want it built alongside openmole?

There is a framework called scalatra that is useable with maven. I´ll look
into it and get the same demo running with it, so you can decide easier. So
far I am partial to play.

On Mon, Jan 14, 2013 at 8:59 AM, Nicolas Dumoulin <
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> Good morning,
> Le vendredi 11 janvier 2013 17:27:59 Mark Hammons a écrit :
> > I am thinking the webserver should create and monitor open mole
> processes.
> > I was thinking there would be a web form where the scientist can fill in
> > the data and information necessary, select a serialized mole xml from his
> > computer, and tell the server to run the mole. Then the server would
> > initiate the openmole program with the parameters, give the scientist a
> > process ID, and then the scientist could view and control the progress of
> > the mole from another webpage. Does this sound good to you guys?
> Don't forget that the user should be able to send file resources if needed
> by
> some tasks.
> Then, the monitor webpage have to display the output of the hooks (files
> and
> display).
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