[OpenMOLE-devs] Web front-end for openmole.

Nicolas Dumoulin nicolas.dumoulin at irstea.fr
Fri Jan 11 18:55:01 CET 2013

Hi all,

This web application is exciting :-)

Le vendredi 11 janvier 2013 18:13:29 Romain a écrit :
> I think the server should access the info in the same way as the GUI
> does, through the event system. Based on this system we can maintain
> data structures reflecting:
> the state of the execution = number of jobs to be executed and finished
> the state of the environments = for each (local, grid) the number of job
> ready, submitted and running

We can add also the uploads/downloads in progress (done/remanining).
A access to the data (output of hooks) with inline visualization will be great 

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