[OpenMOLE-devs] Web front-end for openmole.

Mark Hammons markehammons at gmail.com
Fri Jan 11 17:27:59 CET 2013

I was discussing this with Matthieu the other day, but I have a little demo
application for play built, and it looks very simple and easy to
use/understand, so we're thinking the play framework would be appropriate
for an openmole GUI.

I have a couple things I need clarified though. We can have the web
interface be a part of the openmole process, so that when you start
openmole, the play server is started and you can view the progress of your
work, but I think that is not a good idea unless the openmole process
becomes a server in of itself.

I am thinking the webserver should create and monitor open mole processes.
I was thinking there would be a web form where the scientist can fill in
the data and information necessary, select a serialized mole xml from his
computer, and tell the server to run the mole. Then the server would
initiate the openmole program with the parameters, give the scientist a
process ID, and then the scientist could view and control the progress of
the mole from another webpage. Does this sound good to you guys?

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